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You can't prove this didn't happen

SETI Institute, searching for intelligence in the universe, has just recovered radio emissions from a far away galaxy containing a recording of this recent dialogue: [Read More]

When "whoops!" must be offset: Be quick, authoritative and personal about it

Corporate crisis management, a virtual cottage industry within the public relations profession, got an important new case history this week. [Read More]

We need immigrants to help grow the U.S. economy

Unpalatable as that will be to some American voters, it's the truth. [Read More]

"States' Rights" in the Trump era: Secession-Lite-By-Issue

Charleston S.C. harbor, February 2017 - For this visitor, Fort Sumpter, looming three miles out in the harbor, inevitably summoned up ghosts of "States' Rights", "secession" and the calamitous U.S. Civil War. [Read More]

Transparency International presents the antidote to today's "Corrupt Populism"

Keep this handy as you read daily -- no, hourly -- ominous headlines out of the U.S. White House: [Read More]

Business, civil society leaders: rebuild the social contract with UN SDGs

"Not heaven on earth ... but the world would be undoubtedly on a better, more resilient path." [Read More]

Lets' be real: A company has to stay in business to remain being a good corporate citizen

Have some empathy for Macy's -- [Read More]

Will enough companies drop ads at Brietbart to make a fakenews difference?

"A punch in the stomach". [Read More]

Make no mistake: It's the 21st century Great Powers War

Fortunately, it's not a shooting war. But, nevertheless a very dangerous, destructive Information War. [Read More]

Moral case and business case combine for CSR progress

By no means mutually exclusive, corporate humanitarian and financial objectives can even be seen as complementary [Read More]

Mayors seek to slow down anticipated "U-Turn" on key national policies

Mayors are stepping up on the future of U. S. immigration, public safety, climate change, and infrastructure. [Read More]

"Red alert": Terrorists exploit young people's experience, perceptions of corruption even beyond religious extremism

Trying to understand the minds of extremist Muslim terrorists? New research may help: [Read More]

New SustainAbility research: "Too few companies get clear sustainability performance messages out to their investors"

Your company has a genuine commitment to sustainability but too few investors know about it. What to do? [Read More]

News organizations confounded by self-publishing president-elect

Unprecedented: The way Donald Trump first captured, and is now circumventing, traditional news media. [Read More]

Fake News: This social media deadly virus needs immediate attention

It is nearly impossible to state the seriousness of the threat to American society represented by the false news infection contaminating social media. [Read More]