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Don't let good intentions, outcomes on LDC development get ensnarled in USAID-contractors in-fighting

Dr. Rajiv Shah just wants to help poor people around the world. But Dr. Shah, head of the $20 billion United States Agency for International Development, is getting enmeshed, like Laocoon of Greek mythology, in some heavy going. [Read More]

When does company incompetence or fraud cross the line to "criminal"? Current G.M. tragic cases may re-open this Pandora's Box.

If you are a CEO, it may keep you up at night: Could one, or several, of your many employees be doing something that will seriously embarrass and penalize the company? Could it even rise to a criminal offence with major reputational damage, costly settlements and, in severe cases, jail time? [Read More]

New Social Progress Index: It’s “an innovative example of increasing collaboration”

For the moment, never mind which countries are #1, #16 and number #132 on the new Social Progress Index . Our question today, people, is what can business do – what should it do – to help make life more livable in the countries where it operates. [Read More]

An Ideal Global Symbiosis: Women's Empowerment and Economic Development

A powerfully influential voice, that of Bill Gates, has just been added to experts endorsing the idea that women's empowerment and economic development are correlated. [Read More]

CSR sustainability "acorns" and "outliers": worker co-ops "Benefit Corporations", foundations, etc

Capitalism continues to evolve. Traditional for-profit companies' operating policies and budgets addressing social issues are rightfully getting increasing attention. But open the CSR/Sustainability aperture wider and other major "players" appear. [Read More]

Business realpolitik: sanctions on Russia may have unintended consequences

It's complicated. Foreign policy enmeshed in global commerce and finance can be very messy. It often requires a "time out" to reflect on unintended consequences. [Read More]

“Ralph Nader Redux”: New auto safety regulations coming, reflects CSR, PR basics.

Corporate Social Responsibility, aka Sustainability, Corporate Citizenship et al, is neither temporary nor a bolt-on. It is now an intrinsic part of successful business practice (in-trin-sic : 1. belonging to the real nature of a thing – Webster’s New World Dictionary). [Read More]

Verizon sustainability report links "world's biggest challenges" and the company's "powerful answers".

Verizon has said it well. In its new 2013 Annual Report and Corporate Responsibility Supplement, it wins credibility by illustrating how its core competencies -- technological and operational -- are providing answers to today's macro challenges in society. [Read More]

Barra's G.M. full apology harbinger of women's leadership or savvy CEO action regardless of gender?

"Mary Barra understands the value of taking full responsibility for G.M'.s latest, high-profile challenges, especially if she wants to send the message that this is a new G.M." -- Karl Brauer, auto research firm Kelley Blue Book. [Read More]

CSR Big Think economist: how will business, society look if “the 1%” add wealth incrementally? Spoiler alert: it’s not pretty.

In “Capital in the Twenty First Century”, the book hitting bookstores this week, Thomas Piketty of the Paris School of Economics projects that current economic forces that concentrate more and more wealth among “the fortunate few” will very likely prevail for a long time. If so, he predicts, “inequality” will get much worse. [Read More]

New momentum for Women's Empowerment Principles CSR from leaders -- women and men -- on eve of Intl Women's Day

They came from all over the world. They came to the United Nations headquarters in New York with a single-minded mission: To push women's empowerment -- at last -- to the brink of its "goal line". [Read More]

Legal experts project environmental priorities, concerns, opportunities

It's been written that when a company makes a strategic decision, there are potentially four critical outcomes: legal, financial, operational and reputational. Now comes a bridge between the legal and reputational challenges and opportunities in corporate environmental management. [Read More]

Business leaders to be key part of new Obama partnership to help young black men succeed

The initiative is called "My Brother's Keeper". With some $200 million pledged by non profit foundations over the next five years, the partnership will focus, according to the New York Times, on "the most intractable economic and social problems that confront young black men ... includ[ing] early-childhood development, educational opportunities, school readiness and discipline, parenting…

[Read More]

Good news: Private-sector anti-poverty in Asia/ Not so good news: "It's not 'CSR' "

There is much good news about private sector anti-poverty effectiveness in Asia, but it's blurred a bit by a limited understanding of "CSR" [Read More]

The Accord for Building and Fire Safety in Bangladesh reaches 150 company signatories

You may be surprised to learn that the Accord, established in the wake of the horrendous Rana Plaza Bangladesh apparel factory disaster, has reached a milestone: Some 150 apparel companies from 20 countries in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia have signed the legally-binding agreement. [Read More]