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Global Energy Supply Forecasts Get Existential

Attention must be paid when respected, influential commentators predict about the future of the global energy supply -- even when their predictions raise eyebrows. [Read More]

A coming attraction: The test of clout on climate change -- Pope Francis or Charles/David

This week's Vatican "Summit" (where else for a summit?) on the global environment has set the stage for a lengthy contest between uber-influentials for hearts and minds -- and maybe even souls -- on this epic issue. [Read More]

Muslim scholar directs Holocaust Center at Catholic college

Dr. Mehnaz Afridi, the Muslim director of the Holocaust, Genocide and Interfaith Education Center at Manhattan College in NYC [Read More]

International Non Governmental Organizations are using a more robust set of criteria in choosing private sector partners

It takes two to tango. That bit of whimsy now takes on very serious implications in the context of sustainable development in less developed countries. [Read More]

Indiana walks back its law on owners' religious freedom and selling to L.G.B.T. customers

"The court, I fear, has ventured into a minefield." [Read More]

Starbucks' "Race Together" CSR initiative: "To boldly go ..."

Successful companies are innovative. So why, when Starbucks is CSR innovative with its attempt to stimulate race-relations dialogue, must it endure social media mockery? [Read More]

New Study debunks Millennials as "Newsless", "Disengaged"

Young people want the news, but they want to get it their way. [Read More]

Follow the money from key banks: Less financing for coal companies "mining mountains"

Environmentalists have opened a new front in their battle with fossil fuel companies. [Read More]

Kristof: "Who would have thought there would be an uplifting story from Syria?"

Now emerging -- appearing against the near-overwhelming tide of horrific news -- are stories of good people doing important work on behalf of their fellow human beings and society. [Read More]

In a bold initiative, Huffington's "What's Working" journalism will report on, encourage, positive social action

Can important "good news" offset traditional "if it bleeds it leads" news? Ariana Huffington says yes, indeed, and undertakes to prove it. [Read More]

Business, NGO, political titans tell companies to eschew "what is causing climate change?" and get on with addressing the risks of the potential economic fallout

It's called "Risky Business". [Read More]

Business In Society plans its second season of "Positive Business" reporting, opens to sponsorship-partnerships

One of the most powerful institutions on earth -- business -- is addressing the major social issues of the day with commitments to corporate social responsibility and sustainable development. But where is such "Positive Business" being reported regularly with traditional journalism married with multi-media resources? [Read More]

"Make Forests Pay": Environmental experts flip the deforestation debate

Columbia University/City University of New York environmental experts are promoting the trading of measureable "carbon offsets" resulting from not clearing tropical forests. [Read More]

The best proof of CSR commitments is when they are sustained in "bad times"

It's complicated, but apparently in smaller companies in extractive industries size does matter when it comes to maintaining CSR commitments. [Read More]

Genetically modified crops may reduce farm waste, make food healthier

Can French fries be made "less unhealthy"? [Read More]