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"How companies can enrich shareholders -- and the planet"

When Michael Porter and Mark Kramer, founders of The Shared Value Initiative, present their latest thinking on corporate responsibility, the CSR/sustainable development community -- and leaders in society and well beyond -- listen. [Read More]

The new global challenge to business: Be part of the solution to major social problems

If personally or as a corporate leader you care about health, women's empowerment, education, environment and other critical issues around the world, consider: "Strong markets and strong societies go hand in hand." [Read More]

Iran's just revealed post-sanctions economic development plans: Rebuild its industries. Europe companies jump in; U.S. politics largely preclude involvement

Iranian top government officials yesterday presented details on peaceful use of funds presumably to be freed up from sanctions relief. [Read More]

Iran nuclear deal: Can common interests across global business help?

Yes, it could still fall apart. But this week's historic agreement between the United Sates and other world leaders and Iran significantly limiting that country's ability to develop a nuclear weapon has within it an epic opportunity for the international business community. [Read More]

Companies report new global/local CSR progress as UN gears up for confluence in epic Sustainable Development Goals.

From healthcare to banking, new CSR reports are documenting genuine progress on global- local macro social issues as the UN increases reliance on the private sector. [Read More]

Pope Francis again injects morality into climate change issue; UN brings post 2015 Sustainable Development Goals and "Caring For Climate"

He's only doing his job. But many feel that by forcefully injecting moral obligations into the global environment debate, Pope Francis is doing it well. [Read More]

Major media beginning to acknowledge new positive impact of business in society

In the wake of last week's global conference at United Nations headquarters, "UN+15:Business As a Force For Good", #CSRtalk #CSR major media are reporting "compelling recent examples" of corporations' positive role on social issues. [Read More]

Pope Francis has raised the ultimate sustainable development questions: Whose moral code should prevail, to what degree and with what possible tradeoffs?

It was predictable. In response to "Laudato Si", opponents and supporters of climate-change action yesterday vigorously reinforced their positions (“In the Footsteps of Other Popes, Francis Seeks Worldly Change”). Monitor the UN global conference next week for potential progress. [Read More: Global Compact+15: Business as a Force for Good] [Read More]

Experts: Divestment has limited economic impact, but a big reputational punch

A great outlet for college student idealism, divestment campaigns against fossil fuel companies don't create financial hardship for them [Read More]

Bloomberg (who else?), "financial information and news leader", shows how a service company can be at the leading edge of providing its ESG information

Why give special attention to one of the many thousands of corporate annual social reports? Because Bloomberg's shows how a leading communicator communicates in this space. [Read More]

A ray of hope in dismal U.S. political campaign finance: Transparent companies now disclosing "soft money" contributions.

"Corporations Open Up On Giving In Politics". That was worth a headline in The New York Times today . [Read More]

Clashing political philosophies threaten stalemate, yet again -- this time on vitally needed updates on U.S. environmental laws, regulation

As too often in the past, the opposing lines are clearly drawn: President Obama vs. Congress on the environment. . Enough, already! [Read More]

Turmoil in "The Giving Community"

Will an expert's scathing analysis of traditional philanthropy beget traction and action? Or will newer models like "Strategic Philanthropy" prevail? [Read More]

Saving and improving lives around the world: It takes "a partnership village"

"You Can't Do it Alone"! That was the compelling, urgent mantra throughout yesterday's UN Forum,"Partnerships in Achieving the Post-2015 Development Agenda: Making It Happen". [Read More]

My CSR Heresy – Retire "CSR”; Instead, Call It The Coming New-Normal Business Model

The recent news that a second B Corp -- Etsy, Inc. -- has just gone public prompts this “CSR” tipping point meditation: [Read More]