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Two corporate titans throw employee relations thunderbolts

As the national politics of income inequality and the minimum wage grind on, two private sector leaders are the latest to take action in these social progress/good business initiatives. [Read More]

Jobs deficit: A root cause of Brexit/Trump populism in the epic evolution of the global economy. We can, must do better.

It would be facile to attribute the current wave of populism to a single cause. But jobs -- related to standard of living, quality of life -- surely represent a tap root for much of the populism ferment. [Read More]

Job-creating Export-Import Bank is limited by a Senator's populist priorities

Sometimes you have to wonder how the U.S. Senate gets anything done. [Read More]

C.E.O. compensation: Shareholders should look at company's multi-year record

Chief executive officers who work to propel their company's stock price can generate "fleeting benefits and disastrous consequences. A better way to measure whether a C.E.O. has created value at a company is to look at its return on capital over a period of years." [Read More]

Employees Are Growing Bolder "On the Way Out"

It's not easy being a responsible company these days. Especially with new human resources issues now bubbling to a froth in the workplace. [Read More]

Corporate sustainable reports now drive ESG performance

Global citizenship reports are delivering "some surprising benefits" ... [Read More]

Leading Shareholder Groups Oppose Company "Virtual" Annual Meetings

In-person give-and-take at company shareholder meetings may soon be a thing of the past. But not if some major institutional investors have their way. [Read More]

How did Trump politics happen? Economists have answers. They're not pretty.

"Versions of Trump and the kind of politics he represents are popping up everywhere." [Read More]

Companies new activity on controversial issues "may signal a major shift in corporate public relations"

Pfizer presented blocking of its drugs for lethal injection in a values framework: "Pfizer makes its products to enhance and save the lives of patients we serve. Consistent with these values, Pfizer strongly objects to the use of its products as lethal injections for capital punishment." [Read More]

Young Saudi Crown Prince to run world's largest sovereign wealth fund

Mark the date: April 25, 2016. [Read More]

NYT in "a struggle for survival and its very soul", says its departing Public Editor

Ending a "bumpy but exhilarating" four years as the reader-advocate at the New York Times, Margaret Sullivan presents a worrisome forecast not only for The Times but, by inference, for the traditional journalism business model as many of us have known it. [Read More]

Yale finds a "third way" on its endowment climate-change investments

Yale University's hired money managers, facing a climate-change investment challenge, went to an old playbook. [Read More]

Possible new model: C.E.O.s "going public" on tough social issues

"Over the past few years, chief executives ... have been taking public stances on controversial issues like race relations and gender equality that are unrelated to their core business. [Read More]

Business commitment to the UN 2030 SDGs -- It's "The Real Deal"

Doubters of UN's 2030 SDGs desist: The powerful international private sector -- with NGO partners -- is now firmly in pursuit of the goals. It was demonstrated time and again at yesterday's New York full-day working meeting of some 150 sustainable development leaders. [Read More]

Staying rational on immigration under dire circumstances --"Brussels"

It's one of those occasional grand ironies when life should make you stop and think. [Read More]