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Juicy headlines in influential media (read, The New York Times) can inhibit support for CSR

Case in point: "Social Responsibility That Rubs Right Off" -- headline in a lengthy article in yesterday's Business Section of The New York Times. [Read More]

Reasons Why UN’s “2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development” Can Succeed

United Nations, September 29 – Now comes the hard part: Implementing the UN’s “supremely ambitious” 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda. [Read More]

On CSR, "It's smart to dig around and find out which CEOs have daughters," says U. of Miami finance professor.

Companies led by CEOs with daughters spend 13 percent more of their net profits on corporate social responsibility than those with CEOs who don't have daughters. [Read More]

At UN “2030 Agenda” Leaders Urge Private Sector-NGO-Government Partnerships To Address Poverty, Immigration, Climate Change, Peace

United Nations, September 28 – There is now a rising global tide for private sector-NGO-government partnerships and collaboration to address major social issues. [Read More]

UN charts new CSR Era: Launches "Transforming our world -The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development"

United Nations September 25, 2015 -The 70th annual United Nations General Assembly today launched -- by acclamation -- a historic global blueprint for addressing the world's most challenging social problems. [Read More]

More immediate than the "The Pope vs. Capitalism", business is confronting today's herculean refugee crisis

Just in: An early example of response to the two-day-old UN business pledge program: Building on earlier commitments, the UN Global Compact Network Brazil has just pledged to redouble its efforts. The network, which has been addressing the plight of refugees from Syria and West Africa, will offer an October 1st webinar for some 700 members/signatories to raise awareness on potential responses to the refugee crisis. It is also expanding its training for potential employers and piloting a much-needed mentoring program for women refugees already in the region, partnering with UN Refugee Agency, UN Women and companies such as Foxtime and Emdoc. [Read More]

Global Interdependence is Changing The Work of the Supreme Court -- And Many Others.

Listen up: "Something very important is going on". [Read More]

"Shared Value" champions survey HBS grads; report realism on "corporate social action" limits, opportunities

On "shared value'' -- as on many other society-bending concepts -- distinctions must be made. [Read More]

More companies disclose political spending -- or don't make such contributions

For more than a decade, the Center for Political Accountability, a consortium of companies and like-minded organizations, has been championing businesses' voluntary disclosure of political spending. Now the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is under pressure by Senate Democrats to require disclosure of such spending. [Read More]

How does a beleaguered CSR start-up survive, prosper? It finds a compatible corporate parent

Here's how revered CSR pioneer Ben & Jerry's is pulling it off: [Read More]

"How companies can enrich shareholders -- and the planet"

When Michael Porter and Mark Kramer, founders of The Shared Value Initiative, present their latest thinking on corporate responsibility, the CSR/sustainable development community -- and leaders in society and well beyond -- listen. [Read More]

The new global challenge to business: Be part of the solution to major social problems

If personally or as a corporate leader you care about health, women's empowerment, education, environment and other critical issues around the world, consider: "Strong markets and strong societies go hand in hand." [Read More]

Iran's just revealed post-sanctions economic development plans: Rebuild its industries. Europe companies jump in; U.S. politics largely preclude involvement

Iranian top government officials yesterday presented details on peaceful use of funds presumably to be freed up from sanctions relief. [Read More]

Iran nuclear deal: Can common interests across global business help?

Yes, it could still fall apart. But this week's historic agreement between the United Sates and other world leaders and Iran significantly limiting that country's ability to develop a nuclear weapon has within it an epic opportunity for the international business community. [Read More]

Companies report new global/local CSR progress as UN gears up for confluence in epic Sustainable Development Goals.

From healthcare to banking, new CSR reports are documenting genuine progress on global- local macro social issues as the UN increases reliance on the private sector. [Read More]